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Author: Fernando Alfonso

Date: November 2010

People: Debbie Anderson

Fun facts: The mother of six says her philosophy is to take one day at a time. One of those days, she'd like to visit her uncle in Germany.

Debbie Anderson has six kids of her own, so her work as a crossing guard has special meaning.

Data points: There are 71 languages spoken in city schools, according to the city school district. Providing meals is a big service: breakfasts served daily 7,300; lunches served daily 14,200. Total public school students transported daily: 9,558.

Safe streets: She makes sure of it

By: Fernando Alfonso

Even though her six children are grown and gone, Debbie Anderson continues to volunteer at the elementary school they attended.

For more than 10 years, she has helped train student crossing guards at Meachem Elementary School in Syracuse. Every morning and afternoon, Anderson works with the students, teaching them the rules of the road and how to keep people safe.


13 Responses to Safe streets: She makes sure of it

  1. Very interesting, seems very logical and impressive article.

  2. OnlinePhDUK says:

    Every society need people like Debbie.

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  4. Nora Adams says:

    This woman is really making a difference. Someone needs to reward her for this service to public.

  5. Mrs. Debbie Anderson is a very inspiring person. Year after year she teaches kids safety on the streets. Beautiful!

  6. This woman is brilliant. There needs to be more people like her in the world.
    Brooke@Doctorate at Bharathiar University

  7. Eve Barnett says:

    If I see this woman on the street I will give her a huge applause. True role model citizen!

  8. I found this post to be very intellectually stimulating and entertaining. Thank you worldjournalism.syr.edu for this! Definitely going to share this on my Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

  9. Chloe Young says:

    these are the people, we need to follow. Thanks for sharing this beautiful information.

  10. Melodysmith34 says:

    Dear Debbie, thanks for doing this great job for our children…you are role model!!

  11. wow, great work by debbie…great people!!

  12. samantha563567 says:

    Really this is very essential to confirm the security on the streets. It can save us from unexpected accidents and i hope people also be aware about this educations.

  13. Kristeen lee says:

    i totally believe that every school need a good role model like Debbie!