About this story

Author: Brandi Kellam

Date: January 2011

People: Mandelakhe

Mandelakhe is one of the boys at Eluxolweni, a shelter for troubled children in Grahamstown. He talks openly about his mother's drinking and unfulfilled promises to stop.

Mandelakhe’s dream: World Cup

By: Brandi Kellam

When Mandelakhe goes home to see his mother he is often beaten and left to wander the streets. He lives permanently at the Eluxolweni shelter because it is a safe haven from the abuse that he faces at home. He says his mother always promises to take better care of him, but many of her promises are not fulfilled.

“She says she’ll stop drinking but when I get home she gets drunk,” Mandelakhe says.

Even in the streets, away from the abuse at home, Mandelakhe has been hurt. He has more than one story to tell about being hit by cars. With so much violence in his 12 years of life, you would be surprised at what Mandelakhe most desires from it.


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